April 23, 2019

Leading institute for windows (IFT Rosenheim) has published an article in Glaswelt magazine, where they sum up the characteristics of wood used in saunas (interior or exterior wooden elements). A short overview is available below. 

Saunas are a place where we can find a lot of wood. Due to the specific characteristics of the rooms, however, we must carefully select it so that it can serve its purpose for a long time.

The wood built into the sauna must be resistant to:

• High temperature inside (Tin)

• High difference between inside and outside temperature (ΔT)

• High relative humidity (RH%)

Different types of sauna require different relative air humidity (RH%) and different temperatures (T).

In Turkish saunas, wood is not used due to high relative humidity in the room. The room usually has no windows, if there are windows, they need to be made of PVC or metal frames. Wood used in saunas must be free of resin, knots and cracks (especially for s...

November 26, 2018

3D printing represents a term used to define various processes in which material is joined or solidified under computer control to create a three-dimensionalobject. 3D printing has found significant application in both rapid prototypingand additive manufacturing in recent years. Objects can be of almost any shape or geometry and typically are produced using 3D CAD model.

Due to high demand for personalisation and modification in the window industry required by each costumer a serial production of a specific components would not be economically profitable. Production of a single plastic components requires special moulds, tools and machines which cost can easily exceed tens of thousands of €. With advance in the materials and technology used in 3D printing in the resent years it has become possible to 3D print a specifically designed small series (1-10 pieces) with a focus on individual customer requirements and demands....

November 16, 2018

Ventilation is one of the main window features. With regular execution of ventilation we are providing suitable humidity and indoor air quality level inside the room. Living and using the room usually rises the levels of humidity and air pollution in the room. Due to the absence of ventilation or its unsuitability, mould could appear on one side and the general wellbeing of habitants can decline on the other.

Mould and high humidity level in the room are more sensible in comparison with the low air quality. We are aware of it when we already feel its consequences – for example headache, irritating eyes and respiratory difficulties. The maintenance of suitable conditions is crucial also in the time of absence of users so that the building emissions and other harmfulnesses are removed.

For automatic behaviour of windows they need to be equipped with position sensor that detects the window state and motor driven hardware that automatically o...

October 3, 2018

On September 28th 2018 the MOVECO travelling exhibition opened its doors at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Our ReWin window is one of the exhibits. MOVECO project is encouraging the transition to circular economy between companies, public and research institutions, institutions for economic development and residents. The exhibition is showing insights of the whole MOVECO project and examples of great practice and opportunities for circular economy model. Project is co-founded by transnational EU program for Danube region. On the exhibition companies from Austria, Hungary, Germany, Romania and Slovenia are representing its sustainable products.

ReWin window as an example of cascade usage of discarded wood from building waste is showing the potentials for changing the perception about waste that can be reused and upgraded in a form of high added value products.

September 25, 2018

In September, the beta version of the application for collection of recovered wood in Slovenia - RecAPPture was finally developed. Release of beta version will be followed by the testing phase and the ultimate development of the application for wider use. Mobile app was develpoed in collaboration with Faculty of mathematics, natural sciences and information technologies of University of Primorska and InnoRenew CoE in the scope of ReWin and RecAPPture projects.

September 24, 2018

Have you ever been wondering which movie to choose for the evening and you used IMDb or Netflix to help you out? Have you bought a book which was recommended by Amazon? Do you listen to the music offered by YouTube? Were you late for a meeting and Google maps showed you an optimal route to avoid a traffic am? Is your mailbox successfully separating spam from regular e-mails? These are everyday examples supported by the mysterious world of artificial intelligence (AI), which is “helping” users of products and services offered by companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Amazon, Apple, Airbnb, Pinterest, Uber, Microsoft, IBM, Intel and many others.

The basic goal of AI is to develop a technology that will allow the device or machine to imitate human thinking or human intelligence. There are four key areas of intelligence: visual (shapes, faces, fingerprints ...), speech (recognition and generation of speech), manipulative (manip...

September 11, 2018

Between 5th September 2018 and 7th September 2018, the 1st International Conference on Technologies & Business Models for Circular Economy (TBMCE) took place in Portorož Slovenia at the Grand Hotel Bernardin Congress Centre. The TBMCE was devoted to presentations of circular economy concepts, technologies and methodologies that contribute to the shift of business entities and society as a whole to a more responsible, circular management of resources. On September 7th, 2018, M SORA participated in Panel 3 (Presentation of Circular Economy Projects) with the presentation of the ReWin project and an active conversation in discussion.

August 17, 2018

The Department of wood science and technology at Biotechnical faculty of the University of Ljubljana, carried out an analysis of the recovered spruce wood from demolished hayrack in Sedej valley. The analysis was carried out on eight different samples and the results were compared to the results of tests on reference recent spruce wood. The average density of samples of recovered wood was 422 kg/m3 (between 324 kg/m3 and 504 kg/m3), whereas the reference sample density was 428 kg/m3. The average mass loss of the recovered wood samples after the exposure to the fungi Gloeophyllum trabeum was 29.2 % (between 22.4 % and 36.4 %), whereas the mass loss of recent spruce wood was 35.2 %.

The results confirm the thesis that wood, which was used for buildings decades or even centuries ago, was of higher quality than today due to the planned logging and appropriate selection of trees. The results also confirm that the recovered wood is a high...

August 14, 2018

As part of the MOVECO project, which is running under the Interreg transnational program Danube, the moving exhibition "Circular Economy in the Danube Region" began on August 13th, 2018. Window ReWin is a part of the exhibition, which will be presented at the Technological Center in Augsburg, Germany from 13th August 2018 until 20th September 2018, and will continue its journey to Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria until the summer 2019.

August 14, 2018

Spontaneous fractures of glass are of various shapes and reasons. In this article, we focus on the spontaneous fracture of tempered glass due to the presence of impurities in its composition.

The basic raw materials of the window glass are silicon dioxide or quartz (SiO2 - 72%), sodium oxide (Na2O – 14 %), calcium oxide (CaO – 10 %), magnesium oxide (MgO – 3 %) and aluminium oxide (Al2O3 – 1 %). During the process of melting of glass components, small nickel sulphide (NiS) crystals can occur, which present impurities in the mixture. During the tempering process at temperatures up to 620 °C, the volume of these impurities increases. The next step is the rapid cooling or quenching of the glass. As in such a short time, NiS can not revert to the initial volume state, it becomes "frozen" in its current form which causes additional local tensions in tempered glass. The situation is similar to delay-action bomb, which can be triggered at any t...

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